#weeklyreview 42/23

Uuh… week number #42 … a geek number.

Last week I asked regarding the option to publish the weekly review already at the beginning of the week and just add to it as the week progresses. There was one feedback on this from @Sascha. He hinted that this would rather be something for


The rowing machine has a new display with a power graph. So I got challenged and finished the 30min with 7171m and 177W average output. That was about 1km more than usual 😱


Can you believe it was finally freezing in the morning in Berlin?

And because one day in the gym wasn’t enough, I hit it Tuesday again. But this time only a bit of spinning and strength training as my friend Sam was occupying the rowing machine.


Got an appointment for another COVID vaccination at a local pharmacy. They at first wondered a bit as I’m “well” below my 60s and the last vaccination was only in February this year. But eventually they agreed it makes sense as I’m the first degree care taking person of a high risk patient.

As usual, no symptoms from the vaccination for me. Knocking on wood that I keep my streak of not being sick since a decade. Ditched Corona so far. Might as well be immune or just don’t get symptoms. But I’m also careful and wearing masks again in public and during shopping etc.

In the evening I met with Michael and Sam over beers (alcohol free for me to not disturb the vaccine). We had too much fun and I guess the guests around us were slightly annoyed about us 🀷


Lots of rain. Finally. Big storm on the Baltic Sea approaching.

Kid sick and staying home. Hope she’ll be alright by Sunday as we want to go on a short trip to Belgium.


Quick trip to the countryside to deliver laundry and supplies for my wife. Spontaneous visit to the Asian restaurant in Prenzlau.

Early to bed as Sunday morning we want to hit the road to Leuven, Belgium.

#WMDEDGT – 06.06.2023

OK, let’s try this because my friend @assbach seems to be really excited about it πŸ˜‰

The hashtag stands for the german phrase “Was machst Du eigentlich den ganzen Tag?”. Read for yourself …

06:00 Uhr wake up

06:10 shower, toothbrush, towel, hair

06:25 tidying kitchen from day before

06:30 making coffee, bake rolls for kids breakfast

06:40 writing, printing, signing excuse letters for kids school 

06:50 tidying up kitchen and other rooms in preparation for cleaning person

07:00 drinking coffee, chatting with kiddo about the day ahead

07:10 ironing shirt for office 

07:20 discuss new medication with second kid

07:30 more tidying up

07:40 writing, printing, signing another letter for school for other kiddo

07:50 commuting to the office by bike

08:10 arrive at office, get keyboard and mouse out of the locker

08:15 first ping from a colleague, meeting via WebEx to go over some tickets and code I wrote

09:00 putting some code into GitLab to share with colleagues, tidying up the files, updating/adding documentation, writing .gitignore to exclude logs and config

10:00 having a short tea break with a colleague, chatting about getting old and feeling broken joints everywhere. Went for Jasmin green tea and forgot the bag in the cup. Now it’s tasting a little strong

10:10 further code cleanup and push to GitLab

10:20 debugging Splunk logging issues with colleagues from India

10:30 Putting first batch of entries on the blog

10:40 Screenshare session with a colleague to explain a Jupyter Notebook to him
11:30 Reworking some code, trying to ignore all the contact attempts from colleagues
14:00 call from boss, escalation about some technical issue I need to get involved in

14:10 updating an internal wiki page with some vendor information
14:15 getting pizza from a shop around the corner
14:25 devouring the pizza in the office kitchen
14:40 reading up on support tickets for an upcoming call

15:00 VideoConf with a vendor
15:30 discussing with team about call
15:40 call with colleague
16:00 colleague disappointed about our call ;), start working on the code again I tried to write earlier
17:50 oh fuck that late already, need to get back home and take care of the kids I guess.

18:23 oh fuck… still in the office. Really need to head off now

18:30 finally on the bike on my way home
18:50 grocery shopping for dinner. Kiddo demanded pasta with champignon cream sauce
19:20 cooking dinner
19:45 dinner with the kids
20:10 half hour TV with the kid and a phone call with mum, printing some papers for the kid, of course does the printer run out of ink and need replacement
20:50 grocery shopping again as I need some fresh yeast for the pizza dough I need to prepare for tomorrow
21:20 making pizza dough and tidying up the kitchen
21:45 some more emails with tax office stuff

22:45 debugging some issues with some enterprise software

23:19 I should really go to bed now … maybe just one more look at the open issues …

23:35 really considering turning off the computer now

will probably exchange a few more messages with my wife and then call it a day …