#WMDEDGT – 06.06.2023

OK, let’s try this because my friend @assbach seems to be really excited about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

The hashtag stands for the german phrase “Was machst Du eigentlich den ganzen Tag?”. Read for yourself …

06:00 Uhr wake up

06:10 shower, toothbrush, towel, hair

06:25 tidying kitchen from day before

06:30 making coffee, bake rolls for kids breakfast

06:40 writing, printing, signing excuse letters for kids school 

06:50 tidying up kitchen and other rooms in preparation for cleaning person

07:00 drinking coffee, chatting with kiddo about the day ahead

07:10 ironing shirt for office 

07:20 discuss new medication with second kid

07:30 more tidying up

07:40 writing, printing, signing another letter for school for other kiddo

07:50 commuting to the office by bike

08:10 arrive at office, get keyboard and mouse out of the locker

08:15 first ping from a colleague, meeting via WebEx to go over some tickets and code I wrote

09:00 putting some code into GitLab to share with colleagues, tidying up the files, updating/adding documentation, writing .gitignore to exclude logs and config

10:00 having a short tea break with a colleague, chatting about getting old and feeling broken joints everywhere. Went for Jasmin green tea and forgot the bag in the cup. Now itโ€™s tasting a little strong

10:10 further code cleanup and push to GitLab

10:20 debugging Splunk logging issues with colleagues from India

10:30 Putting first batch of entries on the blog

10:40 Screenshare session with a colleague to explain a Jupyter Notebook to him
11:30 Reworking some code, trying to ignore all the contact attempts from colleagues
14:00 call from boss, escalation about some technical issue I need to get involved in

14:10 updating an internal wiki page with some vendor information
14:15 getting pizza from a shop around the corner
14:25 devouring the pizza in the office kitchen
14:40 reading up on support tickets for an upcoming call

15:00 VideoConf with a vendor
15:30 discussing with team about call
15:40 call with colleague
16:00 colleague disappointed about our call ;), start working on the code again I tried to write earlier
17:50 oh fuck that late already, need to get back home and take care of the kids I guess.

18:23 oh fuck… still in the office. Really need to head off now

18:30 finally on the bike on my way home
18:50 grocery shopping for dinner. Kiddo demanded pasta with champignon cream sauce
19:20 cooking dinner
19:45 dinner with the kids
20:10 half hour TV with the kid and a phone call with mum, printing some papers for the kid, of course does the printer run out of ink and need replacement
20:50 grocery shopping again as I need some fresh yeast for the pizza dough I need to prepare for tomorrow
21:20 making pizza dough and tidying up the kitchen
21:45 some more emails with tax office stuff

22:45 debugging some issues with some enterprise software

23:19 I should really go to bed now … maybe just one more look at the open issues …

23:35 really considering turning off the computer now

will probably exchange a few more messages with my wife and then call it a day …

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