#weeklyreview 22/23

This was a rather short workweek. Somehow. Monday was an official holiday in Germany. So we could stay one day longer in the countryside. And since the kids in Berlin also had Tuesday off, we could prolong our stay until Tuesday. Although I had to work in Tuesday, its still nicer than working in Berlin 😉

Due to the prolonged Weekend we had two swimming sessions with the ice swimming crew. Of course it’s nowhere near to ice swimming anymore. But we enjoy the company and there is some sort of “competition” going on. Who’s got the best gear (swim pads, buoy etc.) and who brings the best cake and tea. Water temperature is well over 15ºC now the beach almost gets crowded with people taking a bath.

On Sunday my wife had some old friends from school over. People she hadn’t seen in person for almost 30 years. It was wonderful to see them immediately get back into their old vibes and enjoy their company. One person brought a dog which apparently felt comfy rather quick and slumbered under the table.

Back in Berlin I finally got my car tires changed to the summer tires. While its rather sunny since about 2 weeks. The nights were still rather cold. Sunday morning started with 3.6ºC at end of May. I guess some days before we might even had frost over night. So, good I stuck with my winter tires until now 😉


The second Peter Fox solo album got released this Friday. I like it. Doesn’t sound much at first maybe, but it gets better and catchier with every play. He definitely still got it and is a league of his own in my eyes.

Favorites so far:

  • Celebration
  • Toskana Fanboy
  • Zukunft Pink

but really the whole album is good.


Finished watching all 4 seasons of “Killing Eve” and I liked it very much. Go watch it on ZDF Mediathek while its still available.

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