The perfect idiot detector

Wow, Gilette created a perfect idiot detector in the form of their 2019 pre Super Bowl advertisement clip
The Gillette Idiot detector

Stay away from man being upset about the video. Stay away from people not agreeing with the message of the video.

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Working in a remote team

This week a read an article at about how to manage remote teams.

There are some really helpful insights in that article. To me it boils down to:

Remote teams need 5x the process.

Andreas Klinger

The main challange with remote teams is that you have explicitly/actively communicate a lot of stuff that naturally takes place in co-located teams.

Establish processes for communication needs for these kinds of setups are hard. Because they are against human nature… I will just discuss things with you while getting water in the kitchen… I won’t repeat what we discussed in slack because i am… well… as all humans… damn lazy!.

Andreas Klinger


One of the very few CompactDiscs I’ve kept for sentimental reasons:

It has a LED at the side that would blink at about 2-3 times per minute – a Pulse.

I quite liked the album and also the artwork.