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#weeklyreview 05/23

phew, this week was … slightly turbulent at the beginning.

  • f**ed up the hotel booking for the baltic sea and basically booked two hotels. Fortunately at different times. So we changed plans quickly and went earlier to Binz to not let those booked rooms expire while we had already payed them.
  • renovated the kids room and gave one wall a nice green color. Kid is happy
  • Baltic Sea at Binz was good. I like all wheather and we almost had all sorts of weather. Mostly stormy and cold. Sometimes rainy and icy. But also patches of Sun and an awesome sunrise on the last day
  • Spend a lot of time reading in and out the sauna (my kindle is sauna proven)
  • Finished the last book of the Trisolaris series: Death’s End
  • Started a new book: “Die Illusion der Vernunft
  • Against my habits I was not swimming in the baltic sea. While I don’t mind the temperature I would need to be able to swim before I get cold. Since the beach is very shallow, I’d have to walk about 50 m into the sea before I could swim. Thats too much for me.
  • I did however went swimming on Sunday again back in our little village lake. We had to break the ice to get into the patch of free water. Water had about 1ºC.

Baltic Sea

I love simple things. I don’t necessarily need some fancy place for vacation. Ideally the vacation place has lots of nature and not so many people.

A good nearby compromise is the Baltic Sea on Rügen island. The island itself is pretty crowded and popular. But it also has some remote corners that are still rather simple and down to earth. One of those places is Thiessow in the east peninsula. We go there since many years. The beach is quite long so everyone gets their space. There are a few kiosks where you can buy ice cream, fries, pizza and most importantly Crêpe. What more do you need to relax?