#weeklyreview 17/23 – updated

I know this one is breaking my streak as we’re almost in week 19 already. But for me its more important eventually deliver the review than delivering it on time.


Finally got some running done again on Monday. Should really do this more regularly. And actually multiple times a week. But there is always something that drags me away. I’m but happy that my body still cooperates. Most of my friends around seem to have issues with their knees, feet , hips etc.

Second time we crossed the lake on Sunday. The other two guys joint me this time. I think thats quite an improvement as last year they’d probably not go all across the lake at around 10ยบ C water temperature. Everyone returned safely and enjoyed freshly baked cake and tea afterwards.


The surprise of the week was presented by kid . He eventually got COVID. He was the only one still wearing his mask on school. At all occasions, even doing sport with the mask. But we said to him that eventually he’ll have to get back to not wearing a mask anymore. So he decided to give it a try … and prompt catched COVID …

Fortunately it was just like a normal cold for him. Thanks to full vaccination he only about 2 days of weakness and a runny nose. Tested negative after almost a week. He was even able to participate from his room in our bi-weekly private book club meeting that we hold via FaceTime.

Although he and his sister would usually fight with each other at every occasion she was super sweet and took good care of him. Prepared his meals every day very carefully and put them in front of his door.

That leaves me and my wife as the only ones in the family who haven’t got it yet. I’m still wearing masks outside in crowded areas like public transit and shopping etc. Occasionally I’m exposing myself when going to restaurants with friends and colleagues. Knocking on wood that I’m either lucky or possibly immune.

Party preparations

For the long weekend we planned to have the first on-site party since my wife fell sick with ME/CFS more than 5 years ago. She meanwhile recovered to an extend that allows her to participate partially in such events. And of course its a big deal for her to finally be able to meet friends again in person have good evening with them.

So we cleaned up the property as good as possible and prepared food and drinks and fire. As the night was supposed to be still rather cold according to the forecast.

Book Club

As mentioned above, we having a private book club every other week on sundays. We’d meet over FaceTime (for reasons) and everyone talks about the book she or he read in the last period. We’re still getting into it, but I quite like the discussions we have about the books we read. If only I had more time to read my books …

Dining out

On tuesday I met a friend which I haven’t seen in too long for dinner. We went to a vegan restaurant in Charlottenburg: Vaust. And it was very good. I especially liked that they didn’t try to just substitute meat with plant based products, but came up with original very delicious dishes.

And to add some serendipity – another friend which I had just met the week before in Charlottenburg happened to be in the same restaurant. What a funny coincident.

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