#weeklyreview 16/23

Most notable thing this week was probably the weather. Temperature went significantly above 10ºC during the day. On Friday it actually felt a lot like summer. Sun was shining, streets were buzzing with people and animals and a lot of trees finally decided to put out leaves.

street scene. Two cyclist at a red traffic light. the left cyclist got a backpack where a black dog peeks out at the top. One paw casually on the shoulder of the rider.
Doggy ride

Thursday morning was still very grey and rainy. I was driving through the area east of Berlin towards the border of Poland and the very low hanging cloud formed a homogeneous wall of grey. Was thinking that people suffering from depressions must probably have a really bad day this morning.

On Tuesday morning I met with an old friend in Westberlin. Always a bit of a trip and visit to the many different worlds of Berlin.

When I was still in school (and after the Berlin Wall came down obviously) we used to take the train to Berlin on the weekends to go to Kurfürstendamm. That was the posh and trendy shopping mile back in the days. You’d find the trending fashion stores and and “WOM – World of Music” at the famous Ku’damm.

It surprisingly survived and revived as a shopping distination. Of course shops have partially changed. But over all it’s still rather lively and trendy.


Got at least some running done on Tuesday. Was scheduled to have another run with a friend on Wednesday morning. That was cancelled last minute. So planned to go to the office gym with a colleague. But that didn’t happen either due to forgotten towel. Peer pressure didn’t really work out this week then.

But at least on sunday I managed to cross the local lake in our village for the first time this year. Water had 7ºC and it took about 18 Minutes back and forth. Unfortunately the GPS recording isn’t very accurate as I had to swim a lot of breast stroke. At this temperature I can’t keep up the freestyle all the way. Its much too exhausting. The actual distance is ~560m

A lake with a water level gauge in it. some reed can be seen left and right. The images contains some text over lay: Templin OpenWater swimming, Distance 279m, Time 15:33, Pace 5:34/100m
Crossing the lake for the first time this year


some bookmarks I put during the last week:

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