#weeklyreview 15/23

I know I’m late again for my weekly review 🙄 but hey at least I’m not breaking my streak 😉

last week I still spent in the countryside due to kids holidays. But had to work from there. Which was certainly bearable. In general life in the countryside feels so much slower that the two weeks felt almost double as long as the same time in busy Berlin.

We managed to really get most of the work we had planned for the two weeks done. There is a tiny bit of wood stacking left, but thats OK for the next weekend.

The weather is really cold and wet this year. Its mid April and the temperatures during the day are still in the single digits. At least the nights don’t seem to be freezing anymore and we can consider leaving the tomatoes and chilly seedlings outside in the greenhouse.


was working remotely this week from my trusty container. Spend way too much time debugging the network again. The container got a LAN cable thats plugged into a FritzBox Wifi Hotspot to provide WiFi in the container. While a windows laptop, my phone and iPad just happily use the WiFi, my laptop complaints a lot about. Wouldn’t want to connect, connection very flaky, stopped connecting at all. I ended up pulling out a LAN network adapter for my Laptop using the LAN cable directly. So annoying….


I considered the woodwork as sport as well 😉 Apart from that I only did the regular swimming. This week we took two turns – on Sunday and on Monday as this were holidays and most of the people in our swimming group were still around in the area.

There seems to be a little gear competition going on. I might have started it by having a hand paddles and a buoy for swimming. Now another guys got a buoy and hand paddles and a second guys said her ordered an buoy belt …


Boerge recently rediscovered his love for Hipstamatic. This was probably one of the first apps I had on my first iPhone and I’m using it ever since. I love the design of the app and the concept of combining films and lenses etc.

They recently did a bit of an overhaul of their app and introduced a new incarnation of their social network around Hipstamatic shots. Apparently the profiles can be seen from the web now and you can follow people on their social network. I’m not entirely (or actually at all) convinced this will get enough momentum to sustain … but hey, lets give it a try: https://hipstamatic.app/@maxheadroom


I’ve also started to participate into the daily BeReal rounds again. Had the account for a while already, but didn’t got around using it as I didn’t (don’t ) like this forced time period of posting thingy. I get the idea, but find it bit of impractical for me.

But apparently people in friend sphere still sticking with it. So giving it another try.

Random pictures from the week

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  1. Same here with BeReal. Posting only one pic a day and at the time the app tells me to doesn’t feel right for me. At least you can get the app for Android devices, which is not the same for Hipstamatic which i loved back then….

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