#weeklyreview 18/23

As mentioned in the last post, we were preparing a party for the night to May 1st. We decided to have pea soup for main course as we were expecting around 40 people. I tried the soup a week before and decided that it was good. But now the dimensions were much bigger. We scaled up the recipe and figured that we didn’t have pots large enough in size and quantity. Although we already had quite large pots with 10 and 7 litres each. Anyway… it was more than enough food and we had a lot of leftovers.

We lit the fire and had a wonderful evening with many friends. Some of whom we haven’t seen in person since about 6 years.

Although it was May 1st, the night still had frost. But the next day was beautiful and sunny so we could have a “Frühschoppen” with the leftovers 😉

I took some of the leftover pea soup to Berlin to converse it in the freezer. But I noticed that in the last couple of days the fridge didn’t seem to get really cold inside. I put a thermometer inside to confirm it’s not properly workin 🙁 Didn’t got the temperature below 13 ºC in the fridge part.

I’m all for repairing stuff, but this fridge/freezer is old and ugly. I think it had its time and its about time to get it replaced with a new one. That’ll hopefully arrive on next Tuesday so I can finally store some fresh produce again.

Beach cleanup

On May 1st the village society has the tradition to clean up the beach of the local lake. That is a fun event were we rake the beach area and clean it from the debris and junk that have accumulated over winter. We even clean the several meters into the lake and remove branches that have been fallen or thrown into the lake and remove reed thats growing too much into the entry.

Beer & Burger

On Thursday our local beer & burger “Selbsthilfegruppe” had it’s regular gathering again at Hirsch & Eber in Prenzlauer Berg. It didn’t disappoint.

As always – great conversations and fun, good food and good beer. best burger crew ever 😉

3D Printing

I saw something useful on Printables that I had to try out. The magnetic clips to hold together curtains. My curtains also don’t properly close and would leave a gap in the middle. With these clips I can hold them together easily.

I have to adjust the magnets a bit. Currently I’m using rather strong neodym magnets which are a bit too strong. When opening and not holder the clip fast to the curtain, one side would just slip off before the magnets would release.