#weeklyreview 10/24

Wow… 10 weeks into the new year already. Time is flying fast.

Of course we started the new week with swimming again. This time we also brought a thermometer and can tell that the water was 6ΒΊ C. Water level in the lake is back at where it was last year this time. That is good.


I had gotten a voucher for the Vabali Spa in Berlin for my birthday. This week it was about time to use that. The weather was set to be perfect – cold and sunny. So I booked a slot for the early morning and enjoyed 5 or 6 sauna sessions while continue reading “The man from the future” – The visionary life of John von Neumann.

Still blown away by the life of von Neumann and also the book. Very well written with lots of background information. I can highly recommend. There was even a chapter about 3D printers

The Spa itself was very good. Lots of space, many large saunas and some pools and hot tubs, several bars and a restaurant. But even on a normal workday it gets rather crowded. Not so much that you don’t find a spot in the sauna, restaurant or the many many relaxation areas. But still quite a bunch of people to ignore. Cause apparently there is a high percentage of people which use this for a show off.

Missed my running sessions this week as both my running partners bailed out. Only 3 gym session this week. But managed to increase my daily push-up score from 20 to 30 πŸ’ͺ

International Women’s Day

Lucky enough this day is a public holiday in Berlin. So we could leave for the countryside on Thursday evening and enjoy the sunny Friday in the Uckermark. Of course most places were crowded with Berliners …

Saturday kiddo and me visited my old biology teacher for a coffee. One could consider this kind of preparation for the presentation about the local flora & fauna by one of the village residents in the evening πŸ˜‰ . Very interesting what rare species we still have around here. He presented a whole lot of pictures and plants, birds, insects and amphibians etc. And of course a lot of knowledge and stories around the same.

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