#weeklyreview 09/24

3D Printer calibration

I was generally happy with my 3D printing setup of Klipper and the Creality Ender 3 V2. Especially the KAMPS plugin seems to make for a much better 1st layer.

But lately it problems with the 1st layer sticking to the bed and the bed mesh picture showed that my bed seems to be severely tilted and needs calibration.

One disadvantage of my Klipper setup is, that the printers Display doesn’t work anymore and I can’t trigger a manual bed levelling at the printer itself. But I found the slightly hidden settings in Klippers Web Interface to trigger the leveling.

It’s called “Bed Screw Adjust” and hidden behind the 3 dots menu of the toolhead widget.

After that adjustment I saw that my bed seems still below what the software considered as Z-Axes 0. So I also calibrated the Z-Probe again.

Finally that made a difference and the 1st layers are perfect again.

The next thing I was curious about was the extrusion. My prints were generally good I’d say. But I was wondering whether the extrusion factor was correct. Klipper calculates the extrusion itself using a pressure advance factor. That factor must be determined per filament type.

So I followed their calibration instructions and printed the square calibration box. This time I actually saw the difference in the changing pressure advance values of the individual layers.

You can clearly see that the corners below the red arrow bulge to the outside and the layers above shrink to the inside.

And finally we found the time to meeting @rudelbildung and @saumselig at home and also help him get his 3D-Printer set up. Turns out 3D printing is still a rather geeky sport as it has way too many things in between the model you wanna print and the actual printer. In this particular case a wrong (power only) USB cable and a changed USB device path on the RaspberryPi was a hinderance. But after fixing this, we’ve got the printer working easily.

OmniFocus 4 Update

OmniGroup released a new major version of OmniFocus this week. The upgrade was a little more involved than I originally thought. Had to write down my little sync encryption odyssey.

Open Stage

On Saturday evening there was another session of the Open stage in the MKC Templin. Artists can apply to perform and the entrance is free for spectators. This was my second visit to this event series and it was really good again. I’m still amazed to see amazing talents from the local area and also the crowd really appreciative of the event. Wouldn’t have thought this possible in my slightly dusty and provincial home town.

As often in the last years, there is always some last minute drop-outs due to sickness or other events. That is the chance for people in the audience to take the stage. To my honest surprise there were multiple people volunteering to perform and two acts were chosen by the organisers.

Jackson from Templin played guitar and performed a song about Templin that he wrote himself. It was really cool.

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