#weeklyreview 35/23


Finally back in the office after 6 weeks of vacation and working from the countryside. Not too bad actually. Good to see the colleagues in person again.

Tuesday – long drive

K1 is spending a semester in Leuven, Belgium. So we drove there to pick up the “apartment” keys and bring some stuff over. Total of 1500km trip and two times 8 hrs drive.

Leuven is a nice city with a beautiful old town. The old city center is largely blocked from car traffic and only pedestrians and bikes are allowed.

We were lucky on our way there and passed Magdeburg much earlier than a devastating truck accident happened there. Had to take a large detour in the middle of the night on our way back.


We came back only at around 2:30am from our long trip to Leuven. That was obviously a rather short night as I had to make sure the younger kids get out to school.


Eventually got a proper haircut again. The last one I got in the countryside and apparently the hairdresser wasn’t up to his game that day. Went again the “Schicke Friese” in the hood and am very satisfied with the results.

Found an issue in my Pixelfed instance. I tried to use a private Account as a replacement for WhatsApp stories. Was wondering whether there was almost no interaction on the photos and started to debug a bit. Turns out that replies from other Fediverse accounts which have their reply privacy settings set to “followers only” (which should be the correct reply type for followers only posts) will just be ignored by Pixelfed.

Filed this as bug on Github.


Picked up running with a friend from our house again. Still a bit rusty, but getting back into it again.

Saturday – Dorffest

Our village turned 275 years old this year. So it was our duty to organise and host the yearly “Dorffest” of the municipality. The whole village got involved and helped preparing the event. I did a Photo Booth were people could have a picture taken in front of a decorative banner. Either dressed up with fancy costumes or plain.

We had quite some fun and good conversations with neighbours and acquaintances from around the village. Adding colour to already known stories and getting to know new stories. Always rather entertaining.

There was also a flea market where I’ve got a special device from my youth. An original GDR “Allesschneider” (cutter for everything) including the original packaging.

We had this thing when I was a kid. It was donated to the flea market by the oldest inhabitant of the village. A 91 year old lady who is still rather fit and lovely.

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