#weeklyreview 34/23

The last week in the countryside before school begins again and the kids and me move back to Berlin.


Final step of dismantling the old Verein. It was good while it lasted. But it’s also good to finally be done with all these formalities.


Despite me usually grumbling about ChatGTP generated code I gave it another try and actually got some working python code out of it that didn’t needed much correction.

Trying to use my Pixelfed instance like I’d use the Story feature in WhatsApp and Signal. I’m sharing there only with selected people. So I’ve created a new account @falko which is followers only and every follower needs to be “approved” first. Feel free to apply, but don’t feel offended if I don’t accept your request. This account is for people I know in person to a good extent. Not necessarily have met in person yet but you know. Not just your random internet acquaintance.

My Pixelfed instance still seems to have some issues with federation. Comments or likes don’t seem to make it to my instance at the moment. I’m debugging that. But the main functionality of just seeing my personal photo stream is working.

Friday – China Restaurant

As we had enjoyed the visit to the China restaurant in Prenzlau a week ago so much but were a bit in a hurry, we chose to go there again for the all-you-can-eat buffet 😀
Boy was I stuffed after that …

And for a serendipity moment … just a few moments after we sat down and pondered over the buffet, my parents showed up. They were just stopping by for lunch on their way back from vacation on the Baltic Sea.

Saturday – Gundermann

On Saturday our yearly village summer cinema evening took place again behind the church. This year we saw “Gundermann” – a film by filmmaker Andreas Dresen. I’ve heard about the movie quite a bit already, but never could be bother to actually watch it. I thought it’s about that singer songwriter from the GDR and his band “Die Seilschaft“. But it turned out it was more about him being an informant for the GDR internal intelligence service (Stasi). The movie was really good. Really well casted and played by all the actors. I like especially that movie looked like it was filmed in the GDR with GDR equipment and that there was so much attention on GDR details. As a former GDR inhabitant I recognised so many details as typical and genuine GDR. Really appreciate that effort and level of detail.

There have been quite a few movies about or taking place in the former GDR. But you can tell pretty easy if the producers knew anything about the GDR or not. Just having a few Trabant and Wartburg drive around is absolutely not sufficient to portray the country. I’ll watch the documentary “Gundermanns Revier” by Grit Lemke about Gundermann as well. Found that in the Wikipedia and apparently is very good.

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