#weeklyreview 13/23


Decided to move the storage backend of my Object Storage at home from the local HDD to the NAS. That way I avoid the regular backup over the network. The linux machine is connected via wired network to the NAS system and I hope the NFSv4 connection is stable enough. At least the NAS with its RAID and Backup gives me a little more peace of mind that that single aging HDD.

Set up another Mastodon Instance for a friend on my machine.

3D Printing

in time for easter I printed another batch of egg cups:

And just for fun another instance of the Great Wave Off Kanagawa in the form of the Great Wave of Coffee


Back to almost full schedule this week. Two times running and at least one time indoor rowing in the gym.

Almost attempted to swim across the lake on Sunday as air temperature suggested spring. But water was still bit too low at 5ºC for a full roundtrip. But swam about 7 minutes.

looking forward to a week of vacation next week and working from the countryside the week after \o/


Still not finished with my current book „Die Illusion der Vernunft“. Was too tired and lazy to read the last two weeks. Need to pick this up again. The books isn‘t that bad that I want to rather quit it. I‘m actually interested in the topic. But apparently its not enticing enough to take the time.

For a reason I will reveal later I‘ve started reading a biography of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Very interesting so far.


No, not music. In general. Listening to understand. I noticed that the majority of people donn‘t listen to understand. If at all, they listen to catch the pause in the speakers flow of words to place their own words. Rarely anyone tries to listen to understand. That may include asking questions to clarify things that one doesn‘t understand.

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