#weeklyreview 12/23

I know this is rather late for the weekly review. The judges are paying attention:

should probably try to get this done on Saturday or even Friday, as Sundays are usually packed with getting back from the countryside to Berlin and getting everything ready for the new work/school week.

Nerd Stuff

Took a look at Logseq as a note taking tool as @moellus was advocating for it. He provided some articles where people described their use of the tool. Main selling point seem to be thats it open source, uses Markdown as text format, synchronises across devices via iCloud or Dropbox and others.


again a lazy week as I only got the weekly lake swimming done, but no running, rowing etc. 🙁


Was contemplating about Pixelfed. While I like the UI as it resembles mostly the old working Instagram UI I less and less get the point of running my own Pixelfed instance. The level of interaction on the instance is really low compared to the feedback/interaction I’m getting for stuff posted on my Mastodon instance.
Since Pixelfed ist just another Fediverse Service that can be consumed with most Fediverse clients, most people might just consume a main Stream on Mastodon and don’t want to follow a separate stream on Pixelfed. One can perfectly follow people on Pixelfed from a Mastodon account. Thats the whole point of the Fediverse. I can also follow my Mastodon Followings on Pixelfed. But I’m honestly too lazy to re-follow all the people in Pixelfed again.

To me, the Pixelfed mobile app as a special interest Fediverse client would probably be enough. An Instagram-like user interface that would only display ActivityPub posts which contain Images and Videos (maybe even more specific). So one can have the Insta UI but using a Mastodon Account. I don’t need to run or have an account on a Pixelfed instance for this. Of course currently the Pixelfed mobile app isn’t compatible with a Mastodon feed.

3 thoughts on “#weeklyreview 12/23

  1. I start taking notes for my weekly review on sunday already, right after I published the current one. Usually start setting up the new post on Thursday. Saturday throughout the whole day I finish the article cause I try to publish around 9 in the morning on Sundays already. So it’s a piece of work throughout the whole week in my case. It just fits for me ATM.

    As for pixelfed. Yeah. Atm I see absolutely no advantage in posting stuff to pixelfed or visit the site and check for new stuff. I started following #photography hashtags over at mastodon and see so many great pictures posted to mastodon (not pixelfed). It just works. It’s a whole lot easier. What I am missing is a grid without any text and hashtags , just the pics. Like the media tab of mastodon profiles….
    I don’t think pixelfed will ever catch up on what people expect from it. Die Luft is raus…

    • Jupp, I tried to do that drafting of the weekly as well. But mostly keeping the notes in various other systems (Logseq) and still need to collect them upon writing. I try to get what happened during the week from other collections like my Garmin activity log, the bookmarks I collected over the week in Mastodon and LinkDing etc. Taking notes directly in WordPress seems too cumbersome as there is not a single working mobile editor app.
      So still trying to find an optimal workflow here. But it’s just week number 13 of the year 🤣🙈😱

      • I’m using notion atm. Then copy pasting the markdown to Grav is easy. Still a lot to improve in my workflow as well.

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