#weeklyreview 39/23

This is a rather late weekly review… I blame it to the prolonged weekend.

Sometimes I take proactive text notes for my weekly review… but often times I honestly just go through my photos of the week and recap by their contents. Lets go…

Last weekend I was still recovering from the cold and thus couldn’t swim our usual round on Sundays. But I took the ol’ drone for a spin and took got pictures”.:

The rest of the week wasn’t too spectacular. There were a lot of software updates for Apple devices. The new iOS 17 came out and demanded a new charging stand for the phone. So that I can make use of the new night stand feature

The new macOS Sonoma brought new dynamic screensavers and widgets one can pin to the desktop. A feature that seems completely useless to me as I am the kind of messy person who never ever sees their desktop. There are always windows open. Lots of windows …

Looks like this was the last warm week of the year (hopefully). Our vegetable harvest is still ongoing and the tomatoes and chilis are still doing their job.

On Saturday I took my usual triangle track in the local lake. Water was still around 20ºC. Hope its going to get colder the next weeks so that swimming becomes a more exclusive endeavour again 😉

And finally some assorted bookmarks from this week:

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