#weeklyreview 04/23

Trying to be a little more consistent with the language this time.

Why English anyway? Multiple reasons.

  • most of my friends understand english. quite many are not german speaking at all.
  • I’m using an english keyboard for almost all my devices due to to work reasons. Writing german on an english keyboard is a little cumbersome


After Twitter has cut off several 3rd party apps the folks over at Tapbots have finally released their Mastodon Client app named “Ivory“. It has been excitedly awaited since their “Tweetbot” app was one of the best apps for Twitter when Twitter was still a thing. So I’ve installed Ivory as well and do like it. It has the potential to take the crown from “toot!” for me. I actually don’t like the candy design. But the rest feels promising.

Meeting people

On tuesday I met my previous boss for the last time as a colleague. She’s moving on, leaving the company after several years. She was the one dragging me from System Engineering to the Product Management side. But more importantly she was a voice of reason the in the crazy circus that we used to call “leadership team”. I will miss her as my boss and as a colleague. Fortunately her new position isn’t too far away from our office.

On thursday I managed to visit @moellus in his natural habitat – his kitchen. That was long overdue. Thanks for the coffee!


Unfortunately I didn’t reach my goal of 2x running and 2x rowing this week. Schedule was a bit messed up due to a doctors appointment and us leaving Berlin early for the weekend.

No Swimming this week as there was ice on the lake. It’s only about 0,5cm thick. But too much hassle for me to get it off for swimming. I’m not an ice dipper (you only dip your body for a few seconds into the cold water. Maybe repeatedly) but a swimmer. I have to go in a swim away for as long as the body seems to work. Concentrating on the swimming and monitoring the muscles whether there are signs of them getting stiff or weak distracts me from the cold and allows me to stay in the water for several minutes. This is not possible when there is ice.

I tried to break very thin ice while swimming. While it seems possible physically, the ice shards are very sharp. Since I’m swimming just with my swim trunks I had cut my arms, legs and back on these sharp ice shards. One doesn’t feel the cuts in the ice cold water actually. But when you get out it looks like you’ve been tortured …


Here are a few booksmarks I saved throughout the week:


I’m at about 1/4 done with the “Death’ End“. Still manage to read every night and sometimes even a few minutes during the day.

To encourage more reading in the family, we established our own private book club. We want to meet every two weeks and talk about the books/material we’ve read. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a book, but can also be a poem or some longer paper etc. The emphasis is on active and conscious reading and reflection on the material and reading itself. This sunday we had the first session and I think it was a good kick-off. The kids shared the books they were reading and what they liked about the books. Of course it was unusual at first to have a “formal meeting” about that. But I think we’re on to something here and look forward to the next session in two weeks.


Boerge was asking in his weekly review about To-Do-List apps. I have to admit those didn’t really work for me so far. I like the concept and read quite a lot about various systems and apps. Of course it all started with “Getting Things Done” from David Allen. I’ve got OmniFocus on my devices and be using this occasionally.

In addition I’m using a view shared lists in Apples reminders app for things like groceries and remembering what to take/bring out to our house.


Again a week without 3D-Printing. Just didn’t had the time nor a concrete model that I wanted to print. Still very much in love with “The great wave off kanagawa