#weeklyreview 01/23

Ok, let’s do this. If @assbach can do it (again) and @b30 anyway, then I should be able too, right?


Of course we started the new year with swimming. Exactly as we closed the old year. Since it’s gotten really warm over new years even the 10cm thick ice that we were skating on shortly before christmas was completely gone.


First day in the office was a slight fail. Went there early to hit the gym just to learn our access has been temporarily removed. That threw a spinner in my sports plan (haha, plan… who am I kidding?). So I went to the kitchen to get me a coffee from the office coffee machine. Fortunately I sense the cheesy smell before taking the first sip. The milk apparently got stale over the holidays. And since I was in early, the housekeeping hadn’t renewed that yet. And because those coffee machines are precious, they are secured with a lock. So I couldn’t fix it myself.

3D Printing

This weeks prints:


Still reading “The Dark Forest” – the second part of the Trisolaris Trilogy from Cixin Liu. This is the third time I’m reading this trilogy and it’s still very captivating for me.

Also fixed some mail configuration issues in the BookWyrm instance. Now Google Mail users should be able to receive mails again.

Computer Science

Kiddo made it into the next round of the national contest for computer science for young adults. He’s pretty excited about it and already started working on the new assignment. First task almost done.

Unfortunately he’ll not be able choose computer science as major topic in school. Since not enough pupil choose that topic and they wont open a major course with just 5 kids.

In the previous round of the contest only 430 kids participated. I find this pretty concerning. Every freakin’ job in this country depends more or less on devices or services provided by computer science. But apparently nobody seems interested to understand it or its foundations. One of course can’t blame the kids as the schools don’t really encourage them…


some booksmarks I kept this week on Mastodon

Threads printer for Mastodon: https://thread.choomba.one/

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