Bring mich nach Hause

The interpretation of the song “Bring mich nach Hause” from the german group “Wir sind Helden” by former Alphaville lead singer Marian Gold was one of my favorite songs in 2018.

Most powerfull and moving song in 2018

If you don’t know story around this, it might not sound anything special. But I’ve seen the episode of that TV Show where he played that song and I’m a big Alphaville fan.

So there is this legend of a singer. He had one of the most iconic bands and songs of the 1980s. A rather powerfull voice and also a powerfull posture. The songs he sang so far in that TV show almost seemed to small for his power. As if there is not enough song for him to put is talent in.

And next he was about the present his version of a balad written by Judith Holofernes, lead singer of “Wir sind Helden”. She told why she wrote that song and what it means to her. That she was so super exhausted from all the touring with the band and would almost sleep standing.

To my surprise he delivered a most sensitive and yet powerful interpretation of that song. He almost sounds as fragile as she looks. His voice gives me shivers and he also touched Judith Holofernes during that show. Amazing and amazing how context can change the perception of a song.