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Working in a remote team

This week a read an article at about how to manage remote teams.

There are some really helpful insights in that article. To me it boils down to:

Remote teams need 5x the process.

Andreas Klinger

The main challange with remote teams is that you have explicitly/actively communicate a lot of stuff that naturally takes place in co-located teams.

Establish processes for communication needs for these kinds of setups are hard. Because they are against human nature… I will just discuss things with you while getting water in the kitchen… I won’t repeat what we discussed in slack because i am… well… as all humans… damn lazy!.

Andreas Klinger


One of the very few CompactDiscs I’ve kept for sentimental reasons:

It has a LED at the side that would blink at about 2-3 times per minute – a Pulse.

I quite liked the album and also the artwork.