#weeklyreview 51/23

Sunday – Double advent

Last weekend we had the double advent pleasure in our part of the village. Saturday was our turn of the living advent calendar and Sunday ours neighbours 50m down the street. Lovely afternoon with good food, open fire and music.

In the morning the usual suspect had a swim in the lake – as every Sunday 🙂


Starting the week with a workout session seems to become a habit. I usually do 30min of rowing, ~ 30 min cycling and another 20min strength training. The gym machines usually show a much higher calorie burn than my watch. 16 min of cycling for the watch at indoor training session was 177 Cal while the bike computer showed 500 Cal.

30min on the rowing machine at max resistance got me 242 Cal on the Apple Watch but 403 Cal on the rowing machine computer.

But there seems to be a clear trend in the right direct at the weight scale. Coming 96,4kg at the begin of November I’m down to 92kg at the mid of December.

In the evening Kiddo and me went to the Christmas market at the Kulturbrauerei again. She hadn’t been at one of the larger Christmas markets in Berlin so far as in the last years the pandemic and also the illness of my wife didn’t leave much time for such events. Fortunately she picked one of the smaller and quieter markets and not the one with all the Ferris wheel and other fancy stuff that are even more overcrowded and loud.

And of course we even met a few people there by chance. Even some from our small village in the countryside. What a coincidence.


On Thursday I had the pleasure to host a friend from the Fediverse. He was looking for a bed to stay for one night in Berlin. He managed to make his way by train despite all the disruptions due to mismanagement and weather.

The last formal work week had some last minute challenges. Again due to mismanagement and especially lack of communication several teams had to improvise and rush to the occasion. My job was to get these teams together and coordinate across teams and especially time zones. But eventually we delivered thanks to people on the ground taking ownership and commitment.


Finally we took off for the countryside. Ready for the holidays and Christmas. In the evening I attended another event of the living advent calendar in the nearby village. Fortunately the storm and rain had subsided enough that a partial outdoor event was possible.


The last event of the living advent calendar. It was meant to have a fire show. But unfortunately the hosts were sick. So we improvised and printed out some traditional Christmas songs to sing together around the fire at the central place by the church. Some people brought food and beverages and so the it was a lovely evening again.

Especially after some Glühwein the elderly people start to tell stories from the past village live. That’s always funny.

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