#weeklyreview 49/23

Fixing the 3D Printer

My 3D printer was doing poorly lately. The prints came out with rather brittle layer adhesion and it looked like there was something wrong with the extrusion. I had already swapped out the nozzle and the Bowden pipe as I thought they were worn out. But that didn’t fix the problem. I recalibrated my E-steps but that only very slightly improved the situation. Almost accepting the fact that I might have to get a new extruder I took the old one apart to check whats going on.

And the problem was rather obvious after disassembling. The arm that presses a while against the threaded axle of the extruder was partially cracked. So it didn’t apply enough pressure to push the filament against the threaded wheel that pushes the filament into the hot end.

Fortunately I still had an all metal extruder laying around that I could fit in place. Just took a little bit of machining with a drill to sink a screw head that was peeking out too high to mount the extruder in my gantry.

Now the printer is working properly again and I can waste more filament on silly prints 😉

Document Archive

Last week I was writing about my adventure of finding alternatives for Evernote for mainly document archival and search. I tried Obsidian, but found it not suitable for storing large amounts of documents with my chosen sync method.

So I had another look at Paperless NGX. Thats and actual open source document management system that can be self hosted.

It can read documents either from an input folder or check email boxes periodically for new input. Alternatively documents can be uploaded via the web interface or the API (which allows dedicated clients for the likes of mobile phones and such)

The documents will be converted into PDF/A (a long term archive format of PDF) and OCR performed. This will help automatically tagging and classifying the documents. Paperless learns over time which documents belong to which correspondent (think sender of the document) and which tags you usually assign to them. At first you have to do this work manually via the web interfaces. But Paperless has a learning function build in that will (hopefully) get smarter over time to automatically find all these meta information for documents.

You can also define various storage path schemes and apply to documents. These documents will then be moved into the respective folder structure etc.

My first practical use case was my 2022 taxes. I just scanned all the documents and send them to Paperless. In the web interface I applied tags for each document and set the respective sender as correspondent. In most cases Paperless already detected the correct sent date and change the meta data of the paperless document to the original sent date. This way you get your documents in chronological order even if they were entered into Paperless on the same date.

Once all documents were properly tagged I created a new storage path and: “Tax 2022/{correspondent}/{title}”

Then I searched Paperless for all documents that have the tag “steuern2022” and bulk applied this new storage path to them. As a result I now had a folder named “Tax 2022” in my Paperless installation where all the tax relevant documents were stored in folders per correspondent.

I had tried Paperless before in an earlier version but didn’t fully grasp the use case. Admittedly it was also quite a while ago and the interface wasn’t as nice back then and also the automatic tagging etc. didn’t work.

But now it looks pretty usable to me and seems to be a hot candidate as my main document archive. It stores documents in a standard format and also makes their content searchable with OCR (only does OCR if there is not already an OCR layer in the incoming document). It can read from mailboxes and I also got a mobile clients for iOS to share documents via the iOS Share function into Paperless.

Now that I’ve found a solution for my documents, I kept them out of Obsidian and thus decreased the size of my Obsidian vault dramatically. Thy syncing via the community plugin and my own couchDB now works pretty flawless.

For me this could be a viable replacement for Evernotes: Obsidian for mere text notes, Paperless NGX for documents.

Nikolaus day

Heart melting scenes this morning. The excitement of the kids for upcoming Nikolaus day was unevenly distributed yesterday evening. The little girl cleaned her shoes in preparation and was rather excited. The boy thought he figured the Nikolaus game out already and doesn’t have to do anything as he’d anyway get something. Just out of habit I guess.

This morning only shoes of the little girl were filled with sweets and gifts. Although the two of them used to fight all the time she immediately felt sorry for her brother and started to share her sweets with him. Thats my girl 🥰

Of course the boy later also got something smuggled into his shoes …

Winter tires

We had quite a bit of snow since last week. Not as disturbing as in the south of Germany but enough to make the roads dangerous. Especially if your car still has the summer tires on. For reasons I don’t want to discuss here I was also one of them and had a few situations off the road where I feared I got stuck with the car.

Today I finally got the winter tires put on and can drive a little more safely for the rest of the winter.

School concert

The school of our daughter has a whole bunch of musical offerings. Her class gets extra lessons on instruments and there are afternoon courses for a choir and other music stuff as well. Today was the annual school concert where the music classes and courses show their performances.

It was quite amazing to see how quickly the kids picked up playing the new instruments. The class of my daughter only started playing instruments (strings and wind instruments) about 4 months ago and they already performed a couple of songs on stage.

The highlight was the big band playing “Don’t stop me now!” from Queen and the pupils band playing Kraftklub. They really enjoyed themselves and got the crowd moving.

Amongst all the bad news about the German school system and all its problems this was heartwarming to see that there are still teachers caring and inspiring the kids. They encourage them to step outside their comfort zones and achieve something great. The audience was appreciative and I think the kids were also quite proud of themselves. And rightfully so.


On Thursday evening two friends (also colleagues) and me finally went to Chicago Williams BBQ again. To my taste they have the best ribs in Berlin. Don’t waste your time and capacity on other dishes there. Go straight for the pork ribs and maybe allow some mash and gravy as a side. The pictures shows our starter selection of beef ribs and pork ribs. But I had to order 2 times more 😉

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  1. I like you having a good, nice family life. It makes me feel warm and happy for you.

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