#weeklyreview 20/23


On Saturday we attended a short live concert of a queer-lesbian country-punk band in the next village. The venue was an old GDR restaurant that has been lovingly conserved by a artist Frank Suplie. He’s inviting every once in a while for an evening of dance music and drinks. Its just lovely and cool to meet so many diverse people from the village and beyond.


On Saturday we finally had good old friends over for lunch. Due to the illness of my wife we weren’t able to invite friends over to us for about 5 years now. But since her conditions are slightly improving we finally able to have people over and enjoyed a wonderful reunion with a couple from France/Turkey and her lovely kids. This was long needed ­čÖé


This week we had to take some blood samples for a lab test. Living on the rural countryside it’s quite a trip to the next town for a doctor. Also… you’d have to wait in a crowded room for a while. Not really something a patient with severe ME/CFS condition can do. While we have support from a care-taking company, their staff doesn’t have the proper training to take blood samples.

So eventually I do this kind of stuff on my own. Its not rocket surgery and just takes proper instructions (learned it from several ER nurses) and a bit practice.

Oak Blossoms

Ever wondered what oak blossoms look like? I did. As I couldn’t remember to have knowingly seen oaks blossom. This year I was lucky to see this period of the oak vegetation period and took a picture (slightly out of focus though). The blossoms are rather unspectacular brown feathered strings hanging down under the edge leaves.


After finishing “Doppelhaush├Ąlfte” I moved on to finally watching “Killing Eve“. It’s brilliant. A few years old already, but still gold. Many episodes are produced by the brilliant Phoebe Waller-Bridge. I love the play between Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer in there.


Some assorted bookmarks I collected over the last week:

go-meteologix – Go packages for accessing Meteologix/Kachelmann Wetter/WeatherUS data from Lord Neessen

Solar-Akku f├╝r Alle – Wie du einen 15 kWh Solar-Akku selber baust!

ARTE Doku ├╝ber die Geschichte Chinas