What to read?

Do you know this feeling of slight emptiness when finishing a good book? Recently I felt it the most after I had finished the “Three body problem” trilogy by Liu Cixin. In Goodreads.com I’ve found a good way to fill my backlog of books to read.I picked a few persons which are fast readers and who I trust in their verdict over a book. Whenever they finish a book and rate it, I’ll get an eMail and can decide whether I want to add their finished books to my backlog. The secret is not so much in knowing that the service exits, but to find people who you trust with their taste for good books 😉

To make it easier for you to start… I give you two recommendations of people to follow on Goodreads:

Peter Caron – a bookworm and good friend of mine.
Mathias Meyer – also a bookworm with a bias towards leadership and handmade food